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A life rich in colour, texture and family 

From the comfort of my home-based studio, surrounded by the sounds of my sons playing, Signature Floral Designs has grown alongside my little family into one of Western Australia’s most respected and in-demand floral design studios. I have a firm focus on texture, colour, uniqueness, boldness, modernity, extravagance and quality. I thrive on the significance each of my designs holds as they become part of someone’s everlasting memory.

But don’t let the delicate harmony and striking beauty of my creations fool you, I’m a down-to-earth, city living country girl! Contrasting with my time in the studio where I intertwine blazing petals of the highest quality into extravagant floral art, I’m a PT loving, hardworking athlete, with the nickname ‘Helga’ on the hockey field! This attitude translates to incredible dedication to every wedding and event. The looks are never repeated and certainly aren’t left alone until they’re absolute perfection - my definition of perfection!  


“I can’t leave if there’s one single flower out of place. I have a habit of treating every wedding as if it’s my own.” 

Photo credit: Jemma Keech